I first saw a Cat Gutierrez painting in a SF galley and fell in love with it, an oil interpretation of a Turner master oil painting.  It has qualities of both the Master and her own technique and vision at the same time which is why I was drawn to it.  One work says two things simultaneously. 


The idea of a commission was new to me, but I was excited at the thought that a painting could be both my thought and her vision at the same time.  The collaboration was exactly that.  I had a treasured art work my mom had made with a ceramic glaze she developed 50 years ago that had layers of blue color that felt like the sky. I asked Cat if she’d consider a similar idea in her painting. 


The result was amazing.  An incredible one of a kind work  that explores layers of color blown across the surface with air! It’s a technique Cat was exploring and gives a feeling of sky and space like I never imagined.  Each day when I see it I’m proud to have an original commissioned work by Cat Gutierrez that also has a very personal meaning in that it pays homage to ideas mom tried to achieve in her work many years ago. I’ve placed the piece in my collection above a Salvador Dali Bronze , and the scale of the figure against Cat’s infinite sky is an exciting juxtaposition to see everyday.

Tom Zook | Architect & Art Collector | Los Gatos, CA USA

I had always heard how the right work of art could affect you in surprising and wonderful ways.  Well, Catherine’s amazing creations have done just that to me.


With every gaze, I am transported to a different land at a different time.  It’s Cat’s ability to guide an observer through her works, all while allowing them to experience their own personal journey, is what moved me to collect multiple examples for her work.

Cat is a consummate professional, which has lead me to commissioning paintings from her, and in establishing a constructive collaboration and a brilliant friendship.

Tom Koros | Art Collector | Hillsborough, CA USA

I commissioned my painting before moving to a different country from the US.  Cat had it ready for me on time and perfectly protected for the move.  Now it is hanging in my favorite place in the world, my beach home in the South of Spain.  I love to open the door of my home office every time I pass by just to take a look at my beautiful painting...

it gives me peace.  

Silvia Tajuelo | Art Lover | London, England

We had been in our home for a few years but never found the right piece of art for our bedroom. We got married in the Presidio, and the landscape of the fog rolling through the eucalyptus and cypress groves reminds us of our special day. We knew we wanted a painting that was abstract, but reminiscent of this landscape. We discussed the size and color palette with Cat, and she created the perfect piece.


Now every time we enter our bedroom, we have this beautiful painting that reminds us of our wedding day!

Bryan + Kristin Posner | Art Lover | San Francisco, CA USA