First Show at the SFWA June 5-30!

It seems like yesterday I started my first painting for the series I am displaying at the San Francisco Women Artists Galley, but that was almost a year ago. This series is a homage to teachers and how they inspire us to create. The three artists I have chosen are J.M.W. Turner, Helen Frankenthaler and Emil Nolde. I have painted 3 interpretations of 3 of their paintings in my palette knife style. J.M.W. Turner has been one of those artists that constantly inspires me with his skies and the drama in his paintings. Helen Frankenthaler's abstract form and color fields are mesmerizing. Emil Nolde's use of bold color in his watercolor landscapes have an abstract quality in his blending of ground and sky that I am drawn to. These artists I consider mentors in my life and have taught me color field, atmosphere, and the importance of spontaneity. My lessons with these mentors continue and I hope to one day inspire someone as these artists have inspired me.

The gallery will have their own reception on June 8th from 5:30-8:30pm and I will have my own on June 10th from 2-5:45pm. Come one come all! I am so excited to share this moment with a little wine and my homemade cookies.

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