Art to me is about breaking down boundaries. Whether it's refusing to adhere to the established rules of a medium—in my case, oil painting—or tearing down the barrier between the audience and the artist. While I draw inspiration primarily from nature, particularly the sky and how its colors are in constant flux, there's never a clear picture in my mind of what I want to paint. I let my intuition guide me toward what the canvas reveals to me. 


I discovered oil painting as a teenager and have been experimenting with it ever since. It allows me to push my creativity to new and sometimes uncomfortable places by blending my own palettes, playing with layering to add depth, and fashioning my own tools to make a vision come to life. Painting with an open mind, without any expectations or pressure, is freeing and lets me explore where my mind takes me. Ultimately, my goal isn't to make a viewer see something specific when they view my art, but to be moved by it.



University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts under Architecture with Visual Studies emphasis

University of California, Berkeley Extension Courses: Painting in a Series, Intermediate/Advanced Painting, Abstract Painting, 2012-2016

Art Institute of San Francisco, Extension Course: Advanced Painting, 2014

California College of Arts, Extension Courses: Abstract Painting, The Series, 2016-2017



October 12 - Nov 3, 2019


ARTSPAN Open Studios Exhibition

934 Brannan Street

San Francisco, CA

Sold painting entered in show


May 1-31, 2018

1317 Gallery

In-Transit Solo Exhibit

1317 Grant Avenue

San Francisco, CA

Sold 3 paintings

April 1- May 31, 2018

Art Attack SF

Into the Wild Exhibit

2358 Market Street Ste#1

San Francisco, CA

Sold painting entered in show

August 8- September 2 2017

San Francisco Women Artists Gallery

City, Sea & Landscapes

647 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA

June 5-30, 2017

San Francisco Women Artists Gallery

Mentors Exhibition

647 Irving Street, San Francisco CA

Sold 8 paintings

April 11-13, 2014 

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, de Young, San Francisco CA

18th Annual New Generations Student Showcase, Expand

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